República AFISA has a Claim Support Procedure that you may access by visiting our offices or through our website.

The claim may be made in person at our Customer Service desk or by email to by attaching the claim form along with a copy of your I.D. and such documentation as you deem appropriate.

The response period shall not exceed fifteen calendar days from the date the claim is filed.

Provided the nature of the claim so warrants, said period may be extended only once for another fifteen consecutive days. The client will be informed in writing of the reasons for the extension.

In the event the investigation necessarily requires intervention from foreign institutions, the second response period may be further extended beyond fifteen days. The estimated response date must be communicated to the client, making the best effort for a prompt reply.

If such response is not forthcoming, or if it is unsatisfactory, the client has the possibility of transferring the claim to the Financial Services Superintendency of the Central Bank of Uruguay