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Nuestra empresa

Our company

We are the first Financial Trust Company in Uruguay, created in December 2003. We are authorized by the Central Bank of Uruguay to engage in management and administration of Private and Public Financial Trusts, as well as Investment Funds.

From its inception, the Company has stood out as a leader in the fiduciary market, through the creation of innovative financial solutions. The Company is a part of the BROU Conglomerate, and its shares are 100% owned by the Bank of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.


To be a leading Trust Company, by offering services that contribute to the development of the capital market and innovative products, generating benefits in economic, social and productive matters.


To provide financial services through trusts and investment funds, linked to the recovery and administration of assets and obtaining financing, assisting our clients in the design, structuring and/or management of their operations.

Our values

  • Professional Responsibility

    Professional responsibility is closely linked to service vocation in the performance of our operation, to privacy and confidentiality in our actions, and to our involvement with the projects we develop, within the legal framework and the terms established by each of our clients.

  • Efficiency and Continuous Improvement

    We are committed to efficiency and continuous improvement in all actions, seeking to offer the best quality of service to our clients, developing products and services that meet their needs, valuing the initiative and creative capacity of our staff.

  • Ethics and Transparency in the Operation

    Our performance is characterized by the strict adherence to the legal framework and internal regulations, and transparency in management. These factors are the basis of our operation’s credibility.

  • Social Responsibility

    In the definition and development of our businesses and operations, we endeavour to act responsibly for our community.

Board of directors

Management Team

Supervisory committee

Code of Ethics and Best Practices

Risk Rating Agency

República AFISA is a corporation whose sole purpose is the management of investment funds in accordance with Law 16,774 dated 27 September 1996, the amendments and annexes thereof, and which is expressly authorized to act as a financial trusts fiduciary as provided by Article 26 of Law 17,703 dated 27 October 2003.

The company is registered with the Securities Market Registry of the Central Bank of Uruguay, in the Financial Fiduciary subcategory of the Fiduciary Section, according to Com. 2004/204 dated 2 August 2004.

For further information regarding regulations related to the structure, operation and areas of activity of República AFISA, we invite you to visit the website of the Central Bank of Uruguay, Securities Market Section.

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