OSE I Trust - Issue Series 5

Republic AFISA issued a new Series of the OSE I Financial Trust of Public Offering, with strong demand.

On October 8, BEVSA awarded the Series 5 Debt Securities of the OSE I Public Offering Financial Trust, for a total of UI 250 million.

The rate of return amounted to 3.69% and the total demand reached UI 744 million, which represents almost 3 times the maximum amount to be issued.

The term of the Debt Securities will be 22 years. Interest will begin to be paid quarterly from December 2019, while capital amortization will begin in December 2021 in 80 quarterly, equal and consecutive installments.

The support for the repayment of all the Series is the transfer of part of the flow of funds from the income for the services provided by OSE, which are received through Collection Agents.

The Debt Securities have a rating of A- (uy) issued by CARE Risk Rating.

The funds obtained from SERIES 5, within the framework of the general objectives of the Trust, will be applied to finance investments of the Agency's competence, strengthen its financial structure, improve working capital and refine short-term financial liabilities.

Republica AFISA acts as Legal and Financial Structuring, Trustee and Payment Agent of the Trust