Central Railway Financial Trust

Strong demand in the issuance of the Certificates of Participation of the CAF-AM Central Railway Financial Trust.

On September 30, the award of Participation Certificates of the CAF-AM Central Railway Financial Trust for a total of UI 3,000 million was made at BEVSA.

Total demand reached UI 6,600 million that is 2.2 times the maximum amount to be issued. Wholesale investors demanded UI 6,000 million and retail investors demanded UI 600 million (four times the amount reserved for this tranche).

According to the provisions of the Issuance conditions, the wholesale tranche was awarded UI 2,850 million, and the retail tranche was awarded UI 150 million, totaling UI 3,000 million.

Participation Certificates have a BBB (uy) rating for CARE Risk Rating and BBB + for Fix SCR Uruguay (associated with FitchRatings).

República AFISA acts as Trustee of the Trust and CAF-AM Administradora de Activos Uruguay S.A as Manager.