Fideicomiso Ferrocarril Central

Con fecha 27 de diciembre de 2019 el Fideicomiso Financiero Ferrocarril Central realizó la primer distribución a los inversores de $ 183.562.261

On October 23, 24 and 25, 2019, the 28th Latin American Congress of COLAFI Trust was held by the Latin American Federation of Banks FELABAN in Guatemala.
One of the most important events held in Latin America on Trusts, where the following topics were addressed: the marketing of Trust Services and the opportunities of the digital era; the risks and the responsibility assumed vs. the commercial expectation of the trust company; professional responsibility of the fiduciary sector; the Public Trust and the enabling environment to consolidate the Trust Business in Latin America; asset laundering prevention; financial engineering and how the fiduciary market has evolved in Latin America.
Cr. Jorge Castiglioni and Cr. Jonathan Crokker attended the congress for República AFISA.